A bouquet for every bride

There is one element that will never be the same to another...
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Decorating the table to surprise

One of my biggest passions is creative and well-dressed tables...
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Accessories for alternative brides

All girls, even the most alternative ones, want to feel a little bit like a princess the day of their wedding... Read more

Drip cakes for every taste

Today I feel like having something sweet. I am not sure if it is because of their appetizing aspect or their naïve character... Read more

Wedding trends that hit the scene

Some new trends have arrived in 2016 to stay for quite a long time, because now it seems that not following the rules is in. That is, listen to your heart...
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Why do I need a wedding planner? 50 reasons to take it into consideration

Many couples in Spain are convinced that they can plan a wedding without the help of a wedding planner and...
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Wedding Decor Trends

It doesn’t matter if you want a romantic or an alternative wedding, you can always find details that make the difference and...
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Our favourite international bridal fashion brands| part II

A promise is a promise, so here it is our second article about the international bridal fashion brands that we love. This time we will remember those...
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Our favourite international bridal fashion brands – part I

It is always a good moment to have a look at what is happening outside our borders, not only to see which are the latest trends in Paris, London or...
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Barcelona is always a good option

As expected, I have decided to start this blog talking about my city, as there are few places more appropriate to celebrate a wedding or any other kind...
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